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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventures of Power ~ Review

Michael McKean brings an unexpected beautiful moment to this movie, in a rare role where he gets to be compassionate. Shoshannah Stern herself is physically beautiful, and her bright eyes say so much. She's clearly going to be a star in the years ahead, if the world is just. Ari Gold may be the *technical* star of this film, but the story is better than he can carry at the moment.

Shoshannah Stern
If you've seen the documentary "Air Guitar Nation", you know how much you can grow to appreciate air instrumentation - but I get the feeling Gold, the director, didn't watch it before he set such an ambitious goal for himself as this film. Kudos to Gold for somehow acquiring all of the great music featured, and multiple location shots, but the bigger names in the cast are wasted.

4 Star Review

On Netflix

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