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Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Still Here - a total joke from beginning to end.

Uncovered Film Review

When I first saw the David Letterman appearance of Joaquin Phoenix a long while back (no, I don't watch that garbage regularly... I fast forward to get to the musical guests), I was definitely laughing along with the audience, at all of the subtleties, and especially when Phoenix proceeded to gum the bottom of Letterman's desk.

So I, being a documentary fan, and also curious to see if this was a real portrayal, was kind of excited to see this venture into head-scratching.

Sadly, I built it up way too much in my head in the long wait of indie theatrical release to its eventual HD streaming Netflix addition.  Turns out, the whole thing was a joke... except it's one that is only funny to Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix.  Two actors that had - at one time - been considered the brightest up and coming talent we could expect to see in the next decade.  Apparently, that sort of talk goes to your head, when you're already richer than you ever need be.

Once you get 20 minutes in, you start to realize somethings up for that very reason.  Ostrich... excuse me, Phoenix, complains that he won't be able to afford his home in six months unless he starts up a successful rap career.  Just dissect that, and you'll see why I hate everything about this mockumentary.

At the time of this writing, J.P.'s (his choice of nickname in the atrocity) IMDb page is at a stalemate, and rightfully so.  It's hard to know how many people were in on the joke, because everyone who admits to it will look like as much of a moron as Phoenix himself.  The repressed smiles from the less experienced actors will give some of that away, if you really must know, but at this point I'd suggest staying away from their future works simply to prove a point.

There's no need for anyone to see this, and talking about it even this much is giving it entirely too much credit.

1 Star Review

Ben Stiller as Joaquin Phoenix (with Natalie Portman)

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