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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Death Note II: The Last Name

Uncovered Film Review

Death Note 2 Poster

♥ Death Note II: The Last Name

I am very surprised with the sequel to Death Note. With the original, my only concerns were the way the audience was left hanging for the sequel. Some things did not make sense, the movie seemed needlessly long, some of the animation was spotty. However, with DN II: TLN, I feel that every area that was a problem with the first has been fixed. The story is just as complicated, but by the end, everything is explained. The acting is very well done... these actors would be successful in America. The CG characters look amazing - I wish it were on Blu-ray, so you could really experience them. And lastly, the ending was wrapped up so nicely, that it's interesting that there is yet another in the series. While I would love for the series to go on forever in some form, there is some confusion on my part as to how certain characters are alive in the third film. I'm sure it will all be explained, but for now, this sequel trumps Death Note 1 easily.

5 Stars

Death Note I Poster/DVD cover art

*Death Note 2 is the sequel to the original Death Note (Based on a graphic novel series and anime), an equally good movie that is essential to understanding Death Note 2. A third film in this series (Marketed as a spin-off) has already been released in the U.S.A. on disc, after a short theater run, entitled "L: Change The World". More on that film to come in the future @ UF, but until then, I hope you see the first two parts of the story.


  1. Th eplot seemed too simple at first, but to my surprise, it had more to it! Great movie adaptation as well :)

  2. By the time this series was over, I was definitely sad to see it go. L is hilarious in "Change The World", and the actor portraying him has so many ticks, it's kind of unbelievable. I really hope it's not the last we see of overseas Death Note films.

  3. I love this film and the anime aswell it is a great adaption.

  4. I enjoyed this movie a lot. Its a great entertaining movie. The previous version of the movie was not as good as the sequel is .

  5. I'm actually surprised how well this adaptation turned out. Great work.

    - Jean Miro


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