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Monday, April 26, 2010

Cookies & Cream Premiere and Future Distribution

"Cookies & Cream", A film we reviewed not too long ago, is now part of a huge deal with Celebrity Video Distribution (the film also premieres on May 6th in New Jersey).
C.V.D. will be releasing the film on July 20th; it will be available at that time at Best Buy, Blockbuster's, Netflix, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, and several other internet and retail outlets.
PLOT: Cookies & Cream follows a racially-mixed single mother [played by Jace Nicole] who maintains an adult entertainment gig to take care of her daughter and herself.

We were very happy to hear the news, especially from one of our favorite independent studios. You can read the full story at "1 Way Presents...".


  1. Whatever in the world does the fact this mother is racially mixed have anything to do with her decision to accept an adult entertainment gig to support herself and her child?

  2. Nothing at all. I just borrowed that entire line from their website, I believe. I didn't write it.

    I could care less what race she was, and as you'll see from my review, the film only uses the adult entertainment as a plot device, and it's not the entire focus of the film.


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