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Monday, April 12, 2010


Uncovered Film Review

Baghead is sadly an average film, which is a shame, because everyone waited a long time for the turnaround to its home release. In trying to make fun of the independent movie industry, it becomes the movie it starts out making fun of (A film called "We Are Naked"). I liked the genre-hopping portions of the film, going from comedy to drama and then horror... until it's revealed that not all is as it seems, and things quickly fall apart.

Baghead would be a cool character in a horror movie - Voorhees pulled it off well (In his stint as a sackhead) - maybe the Duplass brothers would be better off working in that genre. Right now, the directing duo are too eerily similar to the characters in this story... struggling movie extras that are trying to become something more.

3 Star Review

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for reviews..I was thinking of watching this film on theater but after reading the reviews I changed my plan and decided to watch this at home only.


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