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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Uncovered Film Review

"Affinity" DVD Cover art.

This film tells the story of two women that find themselves connected, by rare circumstances. These two main characters are Margaret (Anna Madeley), who begins visiting rehabilitating female prisoners, as a continuance of her father's research and work; and a single prisoner named Selina (Zoe Tapper). Margaret is intrigued by Selina, and focuses all of her time on visiting her alone - much to the chagrin of the strict wardens.

Selina claims to be a medium - and is regularly contacted by the dead. Outside of visiting the prison, Margaret is expected to follow her mother's wishes, and marry a man she strongly dislikes. This is an intriguing story - and a very different way of filming a romantic drama.

"Affinity" film - Zoe Tapper & Anna Madeley

Much of the focus is on flashbacks of Selina before her incarceration, and her contacting of spirits, as the two friends become inseparable over time. However, it's not in any way scary - you'll be too enveloped in the budding love story to care much about any other aspects of the tale. I very much enjoyed the lead actresses - you could almost throw away all of the other characters, because Zoe & Anna steal the show.

4 Star Review

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