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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Barstool Cowboy

Uncovered Film Review

Barstool Cowboy DVD/Poster Art

Barstool Cowboy stars Darrel Hammond and Avril Lavigne look-a-likes Tim Woodward and Rachel Lien (As Mick and Arcy, respectively) as two more characters out to find themselves, or their former selves, in the case of Mick.

Mick has just been dumped by his girlfriend in a "cruel way" (as he describes it), and has confined himself - and his briar patch beard - to a stool at the local bar. As he discusses his problem with whomever listens, he confides that he's willing to stay in the stool for three months... seemingly hoping his old girlfriend will come looking for him in that time, so that he may beg for forgiveness.

Shortly into his tenure at the bar, a woman is spotted outside, drawing sketches of the building. The men inside complain about women like her, and how they can be spotted from a mile away simply by spotting their Chuck Taylor's. After Mick blows off the drunk suggestions of the patrons, he goes outside to see what she's up to.

Soon enough, Mick finds himself enamored with Arcy, the fittingly artsy student. They spend several days together, going from place to place, while Arcy unknowingly starts to release Mick from his lull - to his amazement. Unfortunately, around the same time, Arcy begins telling Mick - "Don't fall in love with me".

Barstool Cowboy's Rachel Lien

As we follow this love story, we quickly get wrapped up in the characters of Mick and Arcy - you want to know how their story will end, despite some nagging issues with the film. The actors that portray Mick and Arcy are the two best onscreen - this is very evident from as early as the second and third scenes of the movie. When you can clearly see that certain people were picked to star in a movie because they were better than the other eight people that showed up on casting day, you get a sinking feeling.

The camerawork and lighting do not match this story at all. The lighting is often so harsh, and the camera is so consumer grade, that you can't help but think you're watching an extended online video. The best indie movies are those that you don't realize are independent until you read the back of the box. I feel bad for the writer and director, because had it not been for the areas I mentioned that lacked, this movie would've exceeded my expectations.

But as it stands, I cannot overlook the acting of the background actors, the camerawork of a supposed "professional", and the poor planning of the producers, amongst this otherwise great movie.

4 Star Review

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