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Saturday, October 10, 2009

One Hour Fantasy Girl

Uncovered Film Review
One Hour Fantasy Girl poster

One Hour Fantasy Girl, directed by Edgar Michael Bravo, is a film about a young woman named Becky (Kelly-Ann Tursi), a girl with an unusual day job.

Becky earns money as a "clothed escort" via a Fantasy Girl branded website. Her business partner routinely drops her off at a meeting place, and she then proceeds to fulfill men's fantasies... as long as they stay within her guidelines: "no kissing or sex allowed".

Becky was abused as a child, and makes a scapegoat out of that situation, claiming that she had no choice but to take such an unusual career path. As she continues working, the jobs being to get increasingly perverted, until her situation finally boils over. The camera follows Becky like a fly on the wall, and everything is so naturally shot, with realistic lighting, that you could easily confuse this with reality. It's only fitting that this is based on the true stories of real-life call girls.

One Hour Fantasy Girl Still

The acting matches the over-the-shoulder cinematography, and is top notch. The characters rarely smile, and never raise their voices loud enough to wake the neighbors. Fitting for their bizarre circumstances. But there is a point when you have to have to start wondering when the depressive scenarios will come to an end, or at least one character will find what they're looking for.

When that does happen, it's too little too late. There's no way around it... you leave it depressed, and even a cherry ending would've felt wrong, given the rest of what you've seen. I can understand a character experiencing tough times, but you can make a better story of that than One Hour Fantasy Girl accomplishes.

2 Star Review

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