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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ode to the Indie - A video by the Rotten Tomatoes show

Rotten Tomatoes Header Brett Erlich Ellen Fox

Courtesy Ellen Fox & Brett Erlich of the brilliant "Rotten Tomatoes Show" (CurrenTV channel), this is "An Ode to the Indie [Film]". I love it, even though it mocks everything about the movies we love.

Rotten Tomatoes Show Banner/Logo with Brett Erlich and Ellfen Fox


  1. MCW,

    My comment is in response to your nonsensical falsified comment you posted about the closing of VIBE magazine.

    Being at VIBE today and seeing a 16-year business fold hurt me dearly. What also hurts is to know that ignorant people who know nothing of the brand would post inane comments similar to the one you posted. Clearly you have never read an article or did your research as to who VIBE represented and what VIBE does. V

    IBE was the Rolling Stones for hip hop and R&B. As most people with common sense know, hip hop and R&B consists of mainly African-Americans. Does that mean that VIBE only featured African-Americans in the magazine? Absolutely not. Eminem was on last month's issue. See that's how I can tell the difference between a writer and a blogger. Writers research their topic before writing something in which they are uninformed about. Bloggers like yourself just like to post anything, even if they have no clue about the subject.

    In regards to your statement it's absolutely false. Asher Roth, Eminem, Chester French, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake and several others of different races have appeared in VIBE's magazine. Furthermore, to assume that VIBE only appeals to the African-American community also shows your lack of true journalism skills. VIBE's readers and audience was composed of people from all ethnicities and walks of life. Just as the culture of hip-hop has a realness to it that ALL people can relate to.

    Therefore, I have to reject your statements and forgive you for your ignorance.

    VIBE will live on and forever be remembered. There would be no hip-hop without VIBE.
    RIP VIBE, we'll miss you dearly.

  2. I knew while getting ready to state that Vibe only covered the music of black artists, I was only slightly reaching, because I've been subscribed to the magazine on a freebie basis many times through the years, and I know that this is mostly true.

    A single issue out of an entire year with someone of another race on the cover cannot make up for the rest of the year.

    I received the Eminem issue in the mail, so yes, I do read it, and no - I don't need to do further research to make a comment on it because I have read enough issues to come up with a consensus.

    All I have a problem with (In general, I'm no longer speaking about just VIBE) is the continued separation of people by their skin color. Why should there be magazines, or most importantly, entire television networks (Yes, I tried to watch the BET awards, but the constant racist remarks by the host - Jamie Foxx - forced me to give up), devoted to covering a single race alone?

    BET, Black Entertainment Television, has reality shows (That I do not watch, I will admit), in which the only cast members are entirely black. So they are basically stating that the only people who they'll allow on their airwaves are black, and no one else is allowed. I don't understand this, and it saddens me dearly.

    I see other shows on BETJ, for instance, that I really enjoy, because one in particular simply shows R&B music videos of old, without hosts and without prejudice. Why can't all of the shows on the network be like this? By attempting to give people of a dark skin color TV shows they may not have been able to host elsewhere, are they not then being prejudice towards anyone else that might want to host an R&B show (For instance)?

    It's a much bigger subject than Vibe alone, and I realize that there probably were MANY readers that were not black, because there are not many magazines that cover R&B and rap music exclusively. I simply reject a magazine that goes out of its way to only cover the careers of (And I refuse to say minority, as we have a black president) the black men and women of America.

    The articles on white, asian, hispanic, and other races make up a MUCH smaller percentage of VIBE magazine in general, and this is disappointing. As you say, there may be fewer people in the R&B and Hip Hop industry that are not black, but is that not more reason to cover some of their work, and promote equality in music?

    From the ads to the articles, my opinion of VIBE will not change. It is simply too biased to ignore, and it really breaks my heart to flip through it. I hate that I live in a world divided by skin color.


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