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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Turn the River

Uncovered Film Review

Famke Janssen DVD cover Turn The River pool film
I have a hard time deciding how to rate depressing movies. Turn the River is depressing, yes, but it's ultimately a good film. The story of a woman who wants nothing but to have her own son back in her custody is one that anyone can get behind. What makes it even worse is when said child is being abused by his custodial parents.

Famke with Pool Cue in Turn The River

Famke Janssen is very believable in the film, and you want so badly for her to succeed in her one goal. The supporting cast, particularly Rip Torn, is quite good. Not a bad actor in the bunch. The Special Feature showing off Janssen's real billiard talents is great to see. Some people probably thought she had a stunt player step in for her. Clearly, she's just that good.

4 Star Review

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