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Monday, April 27, 2009

100 Feet

Uncovered Film Review

Famke Janssen in 100 Feet Poster DVD Cover

In 100 Feet, Famke Janssen plays Marnie - a woman who is finishing out a three year sentence (For killing her ex-husband, Mark, in self defense) by returning to her home. Back at home, Marnie is now confined with an ankle bracelet that gives her a 100 foot radius to move about, and no further (Or the police show up). Bobby Cannavale portrays her husband's former partner in the NYPD. He was very attached to his partner, and holds an extreme grudge against Famke for what he feels was an unjust murder.

Soon after returning home, things get very bad, very quickly, as the apparition of Marnie's dead husband shows up to exact revenge. Plates fly, as does Janssen, and soon, Cannavale is even more attune to the situation, assuming she's up to no good. Where the film goes downhill is mostly due to the computer generated ghost that is Janssen's husband. When CGI is used exclusively to create a character in a live action movie, it can really put a damper on things.

Famke 100 Feet Bloody Wall

You don't feel as though characters are in danger until blood actually begins flying due to an invisible force. The only real thing left is the fire (Something the director was quick to point out)... and if fire upstages characters in a movie, priorities aren't where they should have been.

Ultimately, this is a good ghost tale with unexpected and surprising gory moments, and it partially makes up for the recent shortage of American ghost stories on screen, but it isn't perfect.

3 Star Review


  1. i watched this last night and it scared the living hell outa me

  2. I did like the part where the ghost attacks that guy, and snaps a couple of bones. That was well done ;)


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