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Friday, February 20, 2009

Swag Bucks - Free Prizes for Entertainment Junkies

Swag Store - Search Google & Win Free stuff

Upon viewing a random website a month or two ago, I saw a link for something called Swag Bucks. I had no idea what it meant at first, but I quickly found that after a few searches on the engine, I had already won about 5 Swag Bucks... for doing nothing. Just a couple searches won me this virtual money.

Turns out, the more you search, the more of these you collect in your account (Which you can even host on every computer you own), & eventually cash in for anything in their Swag Store. There are nice collectibles for movie & TV fans (Including downloads and Fandango codes), as well as gift cards, comic books, video games, clothing, even iPods & Guitars (Personally, I'm thinking about saving up for the sweet drum that looks straight out of The Visitor)!

This isn't one of those services that wants you to get 10 friends to sign up to win a free Nintendo Wii*. It's amazingly simple, you just search with them, and you get free stuff. You can even use their plug-in in your existing Firefox/Opera/IE toolbar... my favorite feature of the service.

Use the linked banner below to check them out, and join if you so choose. They don't spam you, and it isn't spyware. I think you'll really like what they do.


  1. Hey it's THe Swag Guy here, thanks for all the nice things you had to say about! Glad to have you on board as a loyal Swaggernaut, and have fun earning your next prize :)


  2. Thank YOU Swag Guy for taking the time to write. I didn't know you'd see my post about Swag Bucks :) I have been trying to spread the word where I can, not just for my own benefit, but so others can find Swag Bucks as well.


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