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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


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♠ The 'New Releases' bar at the top of every Uncovered Films page covers the most recent DVD/Blu-ray home releases. For now, theater releases are not listed in the bar. I believe this bar is the most comprehensive list of Independently released films alone on the internet. The bar is compiled and fact-checked from various resources to ensure correctness.


♠ Labels (A.K.A. Tags) are attached to most every article posted on UF. If you see a * or ***, those labels define the star rating for the review. By clicking on the Labels, you can find every post of that category, be it a review, a 4 Star rated movie, or a news post.


♠ Short critical write-ups about any film deemed worthy on Uncovered Films. Reviews are based on a 5-Star scale. Attached to the bottom of every review is a star rating from 1 to 5 Stars.

1 Star Review - Bad!
2 Star Review - Not So Good!
3 Star Review - Average!
4 Star Review - Good!
5 Star Review - Great!


♠ UF has various weekly/monthly/quarterly recurring features. These features can all be found in the "SPECIAL FEATURES" section of the Sidebar, and include:

* Pick of the Week - When a new release to theaters or on home disc is made available, and is worth a spotlight, we'll do that with Pick of the Week the same week of its release.

* Pop Quiz/Cut N Paste - An interchanging set of features where a fun movie-related image or trivia question is presented, and - in the case of Pop Quiz - a question is asked about it. Answers are available by highlighting a box at the bottom of the post.

* Reviews - Short critical write-ups on films, sortable by release date (By simply selecting the "Reviews" link in the sidebar Special Features section. To sort by Review Title, use the "Browse Reviews By Title" drop down menu to find all movies by the first letter of their title (In the case of titles that start with "The..." or "A Blank..." the title will most often by listed by the first letter of the next word in the title, as The or A will become too common).

* Spotlight - A month long feature covering the best movies featuring or directed by a single person.

* UF Update - A semi-regular feature that calls to note an upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release and/or theater release. Especially helpful for movies that have been in the pipeline for many months or years without a solid date.

* News - All the indie-related news worth mentioning that doesn't fit into another category.


* RSS - Users can use their preferred RSS reader or start page, such as Google or Yahoo to Subscribe to our site's RSS feed (Handled by Feedburner). The feed shows updates quickly after new articles are posted on the website.

* Email Subscriptions - Feedburner also handles this simple email subscription service. Readers of Uncovered Films who subscribe to Email Alerts will receive a once-daily update of all new items posted on the website. The update comes only when new additions are made, and no more than 1 time per day. Feedburner will not send any spam your way, and is a completely safe and trusted sub-site.


♠ Readers can easily contact the webmaster of UF for any reason via the multiple sidebar Contact Links, or by typing UncoveredFilms AT (Replace AT with @) into their email service. Responses will be given within 24 hrs.


♠ UF Logos of various sizes (like those seen on this page) for press use, and for linking to Uncovered Films can be found on Flickr... simply link them back here!

This FAQ is updated frequently to reflect new site features, and the link can be found permanently in the sidebar of Uncovered Films.

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