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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Spotlight: Mimic & Pan's Labyrinth


This week, we'll cover a double Spotlight on two of Guillermo's big name films. Mimic was released in 1997, and undoubtedly brought del Toro a new fan base of genre film fans. It's only problem is that it is average in just about every way.

Most of the sets in Mimic are so dark, you cannot see the cockroach monsters at all. It seemed like a deliberate attempt to conceal them from the camera, so you couldn't see the man in the suit. I would have been more scared had I actually seen something, but dark subways often do obscure things. While the story was interesting, I didn't care for any of the characters in Mimic... I was rooting for some of them to just be eaten already, so they didn't have to read any more lines. It is definitely a middle of the road movie, the opening credits were the coolest looking part of it, and they show what Guillermo had planned for his future films - but sadly did not execute in this one.

Pan's Labyrinth

Think of Mimic as a teaser as to what was planned for Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth. Released in 2006, Pan's Labyrinth is undoubtedly del Toro's biggest film release and widest known, aside from the Hellboy series. As a horror film, it easily edges out Mimic I, but it isn't quite perfect. However, the characters within, the fairy tale style, it's an amazing film that really rejuvenated my love of independent movies. There isn't a whole lot to say without spoiling big plot points, so I'll say that it's required viewing for Guillermo del Toro fans.

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