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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Distortrait Special Feature - TEETH

Distortrait Logo ~ Uncovered Films
Amy Winehouse Teeth Film DVD Cover Used on Uncovered Films

One of my absolute favorite websites is also one that inspires a lot of what I do here while always managing to make me laugh, day after day. That site is Distortrait*.

Distortrait frequently updates with new pictures that poke fun at virtually every celebrity you can think of. They even take visitor requests! You can send them an image to Distort, or simply name any celebrity you'd like to see Distorted.

So, I thought it fitting to use the opportunity to show off one of their best images, featuring Amy Winehouse in the indie cult horror film "TEETH". Look at them chompers!

*Distortrait is also a featured partner of UF, and you'll always find them in our sidebar, and vice versa. Expect more coverage from them here in the future, and be sure to follow the Cut N Paste label (Below) for all of our Cut N Paste special features!

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