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Monday, December 22, 2008

Wowbrary - A New way to look at your Library

Wowbrary Logo

July of this year, I was searching random posts on Lifehacker, trying to find programs that helped me with various aspects of my library accounts, holds, etc. I stumbled across a random comment under an article about some library software. The poster mentioned that his favorite thing in the world was Wowbrary.

I was fed up with my library's online catalog. I always like placing holds, and my library notifies me when my items are ready for pick up. No searching for dumb call #'s. But what if your library's online catalog sucks? What if you just want to browse for new items, and perhaps even rent them before anyone else?

That's where Wowbrary comes in. What Wowbrary does is facilitate the updates and additions to your local library's catalog. Normally, you'd never know if something new were added, because your library doesn't seem to want you to know (More work for them I suppose, to have to fill more holds than they can handle). But in just minutes, if you sign up on by simply entering your library (Or libraries) zip code, you'll get free weekly email reports, RSS alerts, and special access to all of the Weekly items added to your library on a single dedicated webpage.

You may be asking yourself - what does this have to do with Uncovered Films? Well, most people don't even know that libraries now rent brand new DVD's and CD's in addition to all of the books and magazines you've come to expect. And believe it or not, they buy up a ton of independent films and music all for you to rent for free (Or cheap - depending on your library's regulations). If you sign up for Wowbrary, in less than 5 minutes you'll have access to all of those new movies no one even knows was added.

I'll leave it at that and just say that if you like this free service (I live for the weekly updates. It's so exciting to see all of this new stuff... and in our tough economy, you've gotta love being able to rent whatever you want for free), please consider donating to them after you've tried it out. It's tax-deductible, and it's the type of cause worth supporting.

Wowbrary Screenshot Library View

Wowbrary ScreenGrab - What you'll see when you join.


*Photos used with permission of Wowbrary*

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