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Monday, December 8, 2008

UF Update - Still Waiting...

Uncovered Films Update
Waiting Blu-ray Cover

A sequel to Waiting... (No cover art is available yet for the sequel) appropriately titled Still Waiting... is in post-production, and will likely be a direct-to-disc affair for early next year.

What surprised me more than the fact that a sequel to Waiting... was being made was how much of the cast from the original movie is listed in the credits for this one. Justin Long, Vanessa Lengies, Luis Guzmán, Andy Milonakis, Rob Benedict and Alanna Ubach are all credited, not to mention several others. And on top of that, two more big names have been added to that list - hopefully their roles are fittingly large in Still Waiting...

Tania Raymonde of Lost fameAdam Carolla in The Hammer

Tania Raymonde of Lost (Finally an excuse to post a picture or two of Tania!) and Adam Carolla of The Hammer are credited in Still Waiting...

Some may scoff at the direct-to-disc business model, but it always makes money for those involved, and one look at the cast list for SW will make you think twice about ignoring it.

Editors Note: Still Waiting... is now available.

Blu-ray cover image ©

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