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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scream Queens Season Finale Results/Recap

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Lindsay FeltonTanedra HowardMichelle Galdenzi
Lindsay Felton, Tanedra Howard & Michelle Galdenzi

I think I originally underestimated the amount of fans of this show... I've had tons of people here looking for more information on Scream Queens, and for good reason, so I hope you've enjoyed the coverage we've given it (We do not have full episodes hosted here - see the link at the bottom of this post for those. I hope you'll still enjoy my recap and keep visiting Uncovered Films). We'll keep an eye on the contestants to see if any or all of their careers blossom.

The Season Finale of Scream Queens saw remaining contestants Lindsay Felton, Tanedra Howard and Michelle Galdenzi fight for their chance at a "breakout" (As of yet, no one knows what that may be) role in SAW IV. The very first task was a biggie, in which a single shot was to follow each girl through an entire scene as she had to use all of her acting skills at once. The crazy thing is, whoever did poorly would immediately get the ax.

The scene consisted of each girl walking into a room and finding their friend dead on a bed. They'd see that and then turn their back to a door. The door would open, enter psychotic killer. The girl would then have to race out the doorway, he would trip them up, she would turn a bookcase over onto the bad guy.

Next (Still one take), each girl would run to a nearby window, fumble with it, see it is locked or won't open, and then run around the corner to a door. The girl would smack the door open with her body (Lindsay smashed it so hard the first time that she took it off the hinges - that was hilarious) and escape to the roof.

On the roof was the psycho, with his back turned. Scream Queen would find a shovel, smack him in the back, he would turn, she would say a line and then kick him in the face, leading to the fall to his death from the roof (Same warehouse as was used earlier in the season, when each girl had to jump to a pillowbag).

Each of the contestants ending up doing 2 or more takes on various parts to get the scene right. Tanedra had some trouble with her timing, and let the killer catch her. Lindsay did OK, but also had timing issues. Michelle pulled her hilarious "hulk out" move before kicking psycho in the face... they had to retake that part of the scene. Overall, they all did pretty well in this task.

However, Shawnee and the gang were watching the entire time, and immediately decided which woman to send home... that would be Lindsay. In her post-show interview, she didn't act sad at all, it's obvious to me that her purpose on this show was to get screen time on TV, whether she got the SAW role or not. She came across poorly in this interview, and no love was lost on my part.

What followed was a brief talk with John Homa, and then the girls were to perform their final scene - a similar scene to SAW 3.

This scene called for each girl to wear the deadly explosive necklace from one of the best SAW scenes of all time.

Michelle took her orders well, and cried the entire scene, as she talked to a Jigsaw-like voice on a speaker. She asked where her family was, he didn't respond, and basically the scene was over. Tanedra corrected any mistakes without balking at the critiques, and really pulled through on the scene.

After this final scene, it was time for the final judgement.

Tanedra and Michelle made their way to the Judgement room which had a SAW producer in a fourth seat as guest judge.

The judges explained that the girls were being judged for their entire time on Scream Queens, and not just the day's work. Michelle got the talking to first... the judges applauded her for coming full circle, and making them believe she was more than just her looks. They appreciated how she could turn on her emotions like a switch (See the morgue scene).

They next went to Tanedra and they complimented her as well on her ability to be so realistic... something that acting classes CANNOT teach. James Gunn said that she had some shaky times when she seemed lost, glazed over when he was critiquing her. She immediately began crying, and James Gunn asked what she was thinking. Tanedra said that she often felt embarrassed for not understanding what he was saying, and she felt like she was attacked for her not being experienced at all with acting.

The judges reassured her that it was OK to be embarrassed, that it was hard work - and Tanedra needs to be able to take critique without getting angry at all.

So, Shawnee announced that she was going to reveal the real, final Scream Queen, and surprisingly enough, they did not cut to commercial. Shawnee announced that the winner was:

[Highlight this *SPOILER* for the winner of Scream Queens:]

* Tanedra Howard *

And so, in a flash, this season of Scream Queens was over, a winner was crowned, and the show ended on a great note. James Gunn was definitely tearing up, and I was so happy with the winner selected. I think this woman was an early front-runner that showed huge improvement from the very first week until now. I'm happy for her especially, and she seemed glad to have won... she certainly got her last bout of crying out on the Finale.

Leave a comment on your thoughts on the winner and the show. Love to hear what you think of it.

Until next season...

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