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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Food Detectives

Since TV show ratings are often closely guarded secrets, guesstimated by Nielsen, or just plain inconducive of the actual quality of the show, I'm going to go out on a limb and proclaim that almost all TV shows are independent. They have smaller budgets than movies, for the most part, but because you get to see the host or cast week after week, you come to love the stars in them sometimes more than you would if they were in a single movie you cared for. So yes, the TV articles on Uncovered Films will be here to stay :)

Food Detectives is a show that I really have no idea how many people are watching, but one that I think you should try your best to see (Upon research, I found a quote from the host, Ted Allen - "My new Food Network show, Food Detectives, has just been renewed for a second season—13 episodes." So that's definitely a great sign). For me, the craziest part about liking this show is that it's on yet another of the worst networks available on your television - Food Network.

But don't hold that against it. I wondered at first how they even had the money for a show like this, with new tests and experiments to be conducted every week, on locations outside the lab, etc. Apparently, someone at Food Network is popular [Sarcasm].

Food Detectives Techs

Food Detectives reminds me a lot of Mythbusters, in that it's one of only a few shows on TV that includes properties of science in every episode, and in fact, relies on it heavily. Science may not have seemed interesting in school, but at least the networks are working hard to make it fun. This show is surprisingly funny, yet amazing at the same time. I really do learn something new with every episode, in which they bust myths solely about food. So far, they've managed to do a pretty good job of not re-doing a Mythbusters myth (Except for getting close with the steak tenderness explanations).

So far, only 7 episodes have aired, and I am hopeful that the show will have plenty of seasons... when you see some of the utter trash that is on TV, it would break my heart to see a great show like Food Detectives bite the dust in favor of keeping Emeril on television.

Set your DVR today (Tuesdays at 9pm/8c and Thursdays at 8:30pm/7:30c plus you may find stray reruns in between), and see the official site for details and some clips from the show (You might want to turn down your volume first): Food Detectives Official Site. Tell me what you think after you catch an episode or two!

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