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Monday, December 1, 2008

Alllllllllrighty Then! Ace Ventura Jr. is on its way!

Ace Ventura 3 - Jr. Pet Detective

You heard me right, I've been keeping track of this mind-boggling release for a while now, and am amazed that it exists in general. Without taking any more stabs at it, I'll just ask that you view the embedded trailer below.

The only promising thing after seeing the trailer is that Josh Flitter is the star. But frankly, I don't know that even that can save it. Josh Flitter is famous for his stand-out roles in less than perfect movies. I personally liked him in License to Wed... the film is a little bit better than average, but nothing to rush out and see.

I loved the character Jim Carrey created for Ace Ventura... the hair, the physical comedy, the way he talked - it was perfect at the time. Like Austin Powers though, the joke wore thin over time. Even using Alrighty Then as a post title is debatebly lame.

So, it remains to be seen if Ace Ventura 3 (In name at least), will revive the franchise. It's great that series like this can be brought back to life on home video, but if no effort is put into it, no one will care.

Find out for yourself when Ace Ventura Jr. is released on DVD March 3rd, 2009 (It was originally planned for release in theaters for a limited time... that didn't happen). I'll write a review after it comes out, if I can force myself to watch it!

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