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Saturday, November 29, 2008

UF Update - District B14

Uncovered Films Update
UF Update is a new feature where I provide an update on future independent releases worth noting on your calendars, Queues, and watch lists by covering information on sequels, release dates, rumors, and casting.
District B13 Poster
District B13 (Original French title - Banlieue 13) is a fictional film that has quickly become a cult hit since its release. The movie features Parkour stunts from the originator of the movement, David Belle. Parkour being the act of getting from one place to another using only your body acrobatically. Since the movie's release, the sport has been emulated in many mainstream movies and games, such as Live Free or Die Hard and Casino Royale.

David Belle in District B13

District B13 is a very good waypoint for viewers to get into the sport, or at least admire it for what it is. The good thing about it is that it has a very interesting story to go along with it, and that always helps.

Fans of the original were obviously overjoyed when Banlieue 14 was announced. So far, several of the key cast members are credited to be appearing in the sequel, and it has a 2009 release date as of this moment.

The movie began filming in August of this year in Serbia, and is still underway. Always good to hear is that Luc Besson will have a part in the sequel, as writer.

Stay tuned to UF for updates on District B14 as we get closer to its release!


  1. When will this movie be available in the States? I have been waiting forever

  2. When will this film be available in the United States. There are many followers of this film and would like to see Banlieue 14.

  3. District B13: Ultimatum still has no announced date for wide release in the U.S. I will be sure to plug it when it does, on both my site & Twitter page.

    It has been released on DVD/Blu-ray in the U.K., however.

    Sorry I don't have any more news on it, but there really isn't any to share :(

  4. Hopefully you're still subscribed, as we now know the release dates: District 13: Ultimatum will be on VOD, Amazon, Xbox Live: 1/1/2010.

    It will also be in Theaters 2/5/2010 (If you're lucky!).


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