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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Uncovered Film Review

Twilight Movie Poster
It seemed with the cast involved, Twilight could do no wrong. There was initial timidness, what with trailers showing Robert Pattinson seeming to struggle to speak his lines. Thankfully, the parts shown in the trailer are the only parts when Robert is forced to read his lines in that tone of voice. There was also worry about how certain moments from the book would translate to a screen... just how DO you make an actor "Sparkle" in sunlight without being cheesy. Answer: very carefully. They pull that off and more that you didn't think was possible. I am happy to announce that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are outstanding actors, that much you may have already known, but it's worth saying again after you watch Twilight.

The Cullen Family

You'll have goosebumps even when you least expect it, in moments where the Cullen family is having an out of this world baseball game (What great casting decisions were made here... Emmett embodies Emmett. No one can argue with that, or any of the other family members for that matter), or perhaps when Edward takes Bella to the very top of a giant tree to have a moment of peace. I have never been more relieved with a book to movie adaptation. All it takes is to be respectful to the original work, no matter how you choose to depict it. Thank goodness there will be three more of these to savor.

5 Stars

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