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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Spotlight: Emily Mortimer in Lars and the Real Girl

Emily Mortimer

What better time than now to cover Emily Mortimer, in our newest feature, Spotlight?

Emily Mortimer has quickly exploded into the indie film scene, perhaps partially from her brief but extremely memorable stint on NBC's 30 Rock. On 30 Rock, she played a psychotic woman named Phoebe who claims to have "Avian Bone Syndrome" and cannot be touched.

This is when I first noticed Emily, and ever since, I have tried to fill in the blanks, and view all of her best work... even the less than great movies she's been in.

A few to stay away from, that are also barely worth mentioning would be: Notting Hill (She doesn't play a huge part in the film, but the film ends up being just one big cliche´) and Formula 51 (Sure, I'd love to see Emily play more roles like hers here - as a leather-clad assassin - but not in terrible movies in which Samuel L. Jackson wears a kilt).

The first Emily Mortimer Spotlit film you should see is Lars and the Real Girl, a truly amazing work co-starring Ryan Gosling (As Lars), a confused and sheltered man who hears from a friend about lifelike female dolls that are available online.

Lars and the Real Girl

He buys one, and treats it like a girlfriend. Everyone around him doesn't know what to think of his behavior, but as the viewer, you'll quickly come to love the story that surrounds Ryan and his doll. It is not gross in any way, it's done right, and it is a very emotional movie. Emily is just a caring friend to Lars. Both Emily Mortimer and Ryan Gosling give the best acting performances of their lives, and they should be very proud of this film. And that is why it is the first film that is required viewing for Emily Mortimer fans.

Lars and the Real Girl - On Netflix | Lars and the Real Girl - On IMDB

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