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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Spotlight: Emily Mortimer Wrap-Up

Emily Mortimer in Formula 51

So, as we wrap up our month-long Spotlight of Emily Mortimer, it's a good time to look ahead at what's next for Emily Mortimer.

There are some big-budget movies coming, like Pink Panther 2 and Shutter Island, but I think the most interesting item she's credited for is a film called Number 13. The film - currently in production - has a pretty interesting synopsis. Number 13 was the first film Alfred Hitchcock directed. Unfortunately, it was not completed due to a lack of budget. The film has either been lost or destroyed.

Well, the NEW Number 13 has a plot synopsis up, and it appears to be a mystery drama, where Hitchcock is suspected of a murder on the set of his own movie.

Even better than the synopsis is the early credited actors. So far, Ben Kingsley, Dan Fogler, Ewan McGregor and of course Mortimer are to act in this film. Needless to say, they are all great at what they do, and easily get the UF seal of approval. The director on the other hand is untested... though I doubt that you could get a cast like that if your script wasn't good at all.

Emily Mortimer in Pink Panther 2

At least in the dog eat dog world of Hollywood, Emily Mortimer is one of the few actresses who can maintain an indie credibility, and still outstage them all when it comes time to do a bigger budget film. That's what I love about her, and that's why she was picked for our November Spotlight.

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