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Monday, November 24, 2008

Spotlight: Emily Mortimer in Chaos Theory

Stuart Townsend, Emily Mortimer & Ryan Reynolds

Chaos Theory isn't the best romantic comedy of all time, because it follows a lot of the time-tested equations that most comedies in this genre do. I stand behind it more because it's a successful independent comedy, and those are extremely rare.

Chaos Theory is about a guy (Ryan Reynolds) who plans out his every moment, until one thing changes it all. He realizes that he has wasted too much time planning, and not done enough to be spontaneous. Though it'll be pigeonholed into the romance genre, it seems more like a comedic drama to me. In the movie, Ryan rethinks his life, his family (His wife is played by Emily Mortimer) and his job as some type of motivational speaker.

Sarah Chalke

When Ryan has a momentary lapse in judgment, things go very wrong. Mostly the blame can be placed on Sarah Chalke's character, who unknowingly gets him into a lot of trouble with his wife.

This is a sweet story that is great at the beginning and end, but struggles a tiny bit in the middle. Ryan Reynolds delivers a solid performance here, and I'd recommend a watch if you can let go some of the cliches being used. It's certainly one of the top five films in terms of overall quality that Emily has been in.

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