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Monday, November 3, 2008

There is NO quota here.

Since this website is in its early stages (Though we left beta tags off... no sense in having them plastered all over the site for eternity), it's best that we explain where we are coming from, and what we plan to do.

Uncovered Films is not part of a conglomerate Blog network. Instead, the meaning of this particular blog site is to fill a void that the Corporate blog networks have left wide open. That would be the area of film that is comprised of independently made, sometimes with a low budget, cult films or hidden gems and direct-to-disc features. We'll mention mainstream movies and review them from time to time, but for the most part, the other sites out there overdo that as it is.

The main point of the site is to present valuable information in a fun way, without boring the reader. ABOVE all else, I am NOT IMPOSING a Post Quota like other blog networks do.

How horrible would it be if I rushed out 25-30 posts and articles a day? You'd never read it all, the quality would be just as cheap as anywhere else, and you'd find a better place to read about movies. So, don't expect there to be consistency. I would rather wait a few days to post a big article than post everything I could in a day and have you miss it all.

The point I'm trying to make is, this site is just about movies, and it's meant to be fun. Hopefully by working on the site and improving it over time, it will become a permanent bookmark for you, and a source for discovering some films you may have missed, or want to know more about - from the perspective of an avid movie goer, and not AOL Time Warner.

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