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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pick of the Week - November 11th

Delirious (2006)

Delirious is a film about a homeless man (Michael Pitt) and a struggling paparazzi (Steve Buscemi) who refuses to be called a paparazzi. Pitt has a chance meeting with Buscemi, and they try to become friends, and eventually work together. Buscemi quickly turns out to be less than a nice guy, and a tumultuous relationship begins between them.

I think Delirious does a much better job at being an honest film about photographers than Paparazzi does, but arguably, Paparazzi wasn't trying too hard to be realistic. Paparazzi the film was meant to be a revenge thriller, and it succeeds pretty well at that. Delirious aims to be a coming of age story, as two completely different people just want to make a life for themselves worth living. There is some beautiful filmmaking in Delirious that stands out - it's obvious with the music and cherry blossoms falling from the sky in one scene, that they want you to get emotionally involved in this story.

As far as the acting goes, Buscemi is mean and over-the-top as always, Pitt continues to shine onscreen... his choices of movies to act in are certainly out of left field, and Gina Gershon, who plays a small part, is predictably awful, and is enough to almost ruin this movie. Hopefully this is the first and last time Gina Gershon is mentioned on UF, as she is the perfect example of how looks alone can get you acting roles. She is nothing more than a model... and I don't even think she'd be good at that.

4 Stars

Delirious has been added this week to Netflix Watch Instantly, and is also on DVD.

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