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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dark Floors

Uncovered Film Review

Dark Floors
Had Dark Floors not featured the members of the band Lordi, it would have gotten completely lost in the flood of Ghost House Underground releases. As a whole Floors is no different than any horror movie you've seen. It's completely unmemorable, it has all of the expected cliches, and it has an incomprehensible ending. The point of all of these psychological horror films (Where I'd classify this) is to end with a twist that doesn't leave room for any explanation. I'd rather this type of movie end with a bang rather than a tired twist ending.

Though having Lordi maintain their costumes for this film is a novel idea, they brought nothing to the film. It could have been anyone else in their shoes, and you wouldn't have noticed or cared. Thanks to them though, more people will see this than normally would have, and that's too bad. I'd recommend Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer over this one, because throwback monsters are done better there, AND they fit the story.

2 Stars

Dark Floors On Netflix

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